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 Shanshan Song

Enabling Cyber Security and Privacy for Trusted Internet and Grid Computing

Internet-based Grid computing is emerging as one of the most promising technologies that may change the world. Dr. Kai Hwang, Dr. Clifford Neuman, Dr. Viktor Prasanna, and their colleagues at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles, are working on self-defense tools to help distributed computing resources protect themselves from cyber attacks or malicious intrusions, automatically.

     Highly shared resources in distributed computer systems or large-scale computational Grids make system insecurity and privacy violations major obstacles hindering distributed supercomputing applications. The US National Science Foundation has recently awarded a two millions research grant to USC, led by Professor Hwang of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Director of the Internet and Grid Computing Laboratory.

     This project, coded as GridSec, is designed for trusted Grid computing with dynamic resources and automated intrusion responses. The project develops a new self-configuration security and privacy framework to support trusted Grid applications. The new GridSec architecture gives early warning to prevent system failures in grid resource sites from massive cyberspace attacks over the Internet. The trusted GridSec infrastructure, once completed, will support any network-based cooperative and pervasive computing with seamless security, assured privacy, data integrity, confidentiality, and optimized resource allocations. The USC team is developing a NetShield library with distributed micro firewalls and intrusion repelling software. The new security system adjusts itself dynamically with changing threat patterns and variations of network traffic conditions.

     The GridSec work benefits security-sensitive and network-based metacomputing applications and offers protection to highly shared computer and network resources. This project will promote the acceptance of Grid computing and services across international boundaries. These Grid applications can be directed towards global security, crisis management, E-commerce, and reducing vulnerability of the cyberspace. The broader impacts are far reaching in science, education, business, and governments in an era of growing demand of Internet, Web and Grid services.

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  Last Update: Oct 21, 2004